Achraf Amiri (born in Brussels, 1988) is an Illustrator, Creative Director & Founder of ILLUSTRASHION Magazine, who proclaims to be the « Hidden Son Of The Addams Family. »


Inspired by the world around him, Achraf always interprets his works with self-reflection and a critical eye. Going from the macabre to straight irony, his « illusTRASHions », as he calls them, are charged with passion and drew on the times we live in.

In 2010, after graduating as a Graphic Designer from Sint-Lukas Brussels, he travelled to Naples seeking ways of inspiration. One year later, he finally based himself in London, where he made his debut as an independent Creative Director and Illustrator. It didn’t take long for his work to catch the attention and was commissioned by renowned luxury brands and collaborated with numerous international organisations, fashion houses and print publications, such as; Nike, ELLE Belgium, British Vogue and Rootstein, to name just a few.

Throughout the last decade, Achraf became a key creative influencer. In a time where there is overexposure on the Internet through social media, and success is measured by number of followers, Achraf exposes his mischievous, yet romantic illustrations for the world to discover. In the press, it has been declared that he « killed the glamour in fashion » with his distinctive aesthetic, challenging the status quo of how fashion is illustrated through exploring the basic human emotions, such as tragedy, ecstasy and doom.

In 2014, Achraf founded his own magazine entitled ILLUSTRASHION, with as a first number themed « ISSUE #0, MYTH », he explores the other side of the industry by becoming its Editor in Chief.

On top of being an illustrator, Achraf is also the Head Graphic Designer at Warner Music Group UK.

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